The Other F Word Podcast #111: Jia Jiang on Rejection

Jia Jiang is an entrepreneur, author and TED speaker who adapted the card game “Rejection Therapy” and created a blog, products and services to further explore rejection. He talks about how the experience of rejection is universal amongst all human beings and discusses the value of rejection in the process of becoming fearless. He shares his research of actively seeking out rejection for 100 days straight and learning that it can be less painful and destructive than anticipated. The experience helped to desensitize him and diminish his fear of rejection so that it no longer drove his decisions. He has used his ability to turn rejection into something positive to push him to pursue his dreams.

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The Other F Word Podcast #110: Gwyn McColl on Her 72 Hour Experience in a Psychiatric Hospital

Actress, writer and mother Gwyn McColl describes her harrowing yet eye opening experience of enduring a 5150 – the official legal code for restraining someone involuntarily for 72 hours due to erratic and potentially dangerous behavior. Gwyn’s story illustrates how a balanced person with no history of mental illness can experience manic behavior when the perfect storm of events come together. She describes with incredible insight and honesty how she survived this episode and what its impact has been on her and her family.

The Other F Word Podcast #109: Jace Downey on Sex Addiction

Jace Downey, Recovery Empowerment Specialist, shares her powerful story of struggling with sex addiction. After repressing her early experience of sexual abuse, she assumed she was just born broken and spent much of her early life looking for ways to ease her pain and regain her power. She hid her fear and self loathing so well, that no one knew she was suffering. Instead she led a secret life using sex as a way to numb herself and gain a sense of control. In her incredible journey towards healing, Jace shares deep insight and practical advice to inspire others on their quest for wholeness.

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The Other F Word Podcast #108: TOFW Team on Holiday Failures

Melissa, Morgan, and Sara talk about the upcoming holidays and the many failures that often come along for the ride. Whether it be unmet expectations for perfection, family dynamics and tension, or a sense of loneliness and sadness that often come as a surprise, there is plenty of failure to explore. The Other F Word team thought it would be helpful to anticipate these possible failures in an attempt to feel less blindsided when they come and try new ways to cope during a time when there’s so much pressure for that perfect holiday celebration.

The Other F Word Podcast #107: A.J. Jacobs on Going Outside of Your Comfort Zone

A.J. Jacobs is a New York Times best selling author, most recently of the book “Thanks a Thousand” a chronicled journey thanking everyone who was involved in the making of his morning cup of coffee. A.J. joins us to talks about his varied lifestyle experiments that have taken him outside of his comfort zone. Whether it be “living biblically” for one year, strictly following the rules of the Bible, or adopting the challenge of Radical Honesty for one month, where he told the truth or said whatever was on his mind, no matter the cost, AJ Jacobs is committed to illuminating experiences that involve a lot of failure. His honest, self deprecating style makes his storytelling engaging, while his often outrageous methods make his “humble quest” for learning outside his comfort zone quite inspirational.

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The Other F Word Podcast #106: A.N. Turner on Internet Addiction

Author A.N. Turner talks to us about internet addiction and specifically, internet porn addiction. Turner who is still a young man in his early 20’s, describes how he became addicted to online porn and how it took over his life, interfering with his work and his relationships. And how he managed to turn his life around by cutting out pornography all together and cutting back massively on his use of the internet. He openly shares his struggle and the shame that he continues to feel, while offering helpful tips to listeners to avoid what he sees as the epidemic of our society.

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The Other F Word Podcast #105: Drea Guertiz on Finding Light in the Darkness

Drea Guertiz, journalist and author of “Eyes Without a Face” speaks about her journey from depression to hope and wholeness. Born in Columbia, she shares her family history of suicide and her own experience of struggling with deep depression. Hitting a rock bottom moment, she made a plan to end her life that felt like the best solution to her unending sense of hopelessness, despite having a loving husband and child. A series of powerful dreams, premonitions and symbolic signs spoke to her in such a compelling way that she decided not to take her life, instead using these forceful messages to open her eyes to the life she wanted to live and the gifts right in front of her. Her story is layered with clear illustrations about the failure to see or understand depression and the hope that comes when opportunity for connection and possibility presents itself in some powerful and mysterious ways.

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The Other F Word Podcast #104: Angela King On Life After Hate

Angela King is the program director of Life After Hate, a non-profit organization that helps people extricate themselves from hate groups and turn their lives around. Angela shares her deeply personal experience of being raised by extremely strict and racist parents, being bullied in junior high and eventually bullying others in an effort to survive. Angela found herself desperate to connect and belong, struggling with confusing feelings about sexuality and identity, but her deep fear and anger led her to act out and join hate groups as a white supremacist. Her hate and violence eventually hit a rock bottom which landed her in prison, where she was forced to face her past and deepest failures. In her remarkable story, she shares how her time in prison and the incredible connection to her fellow inmates, led her to shatter her way of thinking and ultimately find love with a black woman. Angela’s story is one of true inspiration where she was able to confront her racism and embrace the profound ability to change.

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The Other F Word Podcast #103: Alexia Vernon on Developing a Resiliency Muscle

Alexia Vernon, leadership and women’s speaking coach and author of “Step Into Your Moxie” shares her journey of finding her voice and self confidence after experiencing harrowing moments in her past. In an articulate and vulnerable voice, Alexia shares her experience of postpartum depression and child sexual abuse and how these darker moments brought her to truth and clarity. In her work as a leadership coach, she weaves in these personal narratives to inspire strength and develop the resiliency necessary to navigate the many experiences of failure.

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The Other F Word Podcast #102: Alethea Black on Her Journey to Health

Alethea Black, author of “You’ve Been So Lucky Already” shares her story of navigating through chronic illness that had no cure for years. This experience of failure on a bodily level led to crushing fatigue, profound loss of joy and a deep worry that she was dying.

Trusting her own inner voice instead of listening to external sources, her survival instinct kicked in and she was able to find her way to health. Her take on failure as funny, once you get past the pain of it, and as the engine of life are just some of her fascinating ways of seeing the world.

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