The Other F Word Podcast #70: Morra Aarons-Mele on How Personality Types Deal with Anxiety

Morra Aarons-Mele, author  of “Hiding in the Bathroom”, who also has a podcast of the same title, shares her practical road map for driven and ambitious people who are also introverts. Morra speaks about years of faking an extroverted shell to keep up with the high pressure of a privileged existence. She dealt with depression, anxiety, and literally hiding in the bathroom to avoid looking like a failure. She offers practical tips for being a smart introvert, with honest reflection about the impact anxiety can have when you fail to pay attention to your authentic needs.

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The Other F Word Podcast #69: David J. Flood on Inspiring our Youth

Kids today are under more stress then they’ve ever been- from intense academic expectations to round the clock social media pressures, and the impact is clear: child and teen suicide rates, depression and anxiety are all on the rise. And yet, as different as things are for teenagers today, they still just want to talk and connect. In this week’s episode, we sit down with David Flood, an inspirational youth speaker whose goal is to help guide kids through the difficulties of adolescence. 
Teenagers tend to isolate in shame and embarrassment when they’re feeling like failures, the same way as adults, but because their brains are not fully developed, they struggle more with navigating these overwhelming emotions. David connects deeply with his youth audience by sharing his own vulnerabilities in a truly meaningful and unique way. He shows how facing and processing painful emotions is the key to coping and talks about creating a culture of kindness and empathy. 
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The Other F Word Podcast #68: Dr. Tina Payne Bryson on How to Move Our Brains Through Failure

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson is a Psychotherapist, Founder/Executive director of The Center for Connection in Pasadena, and the co-author (with Dr. Dan Siegel) of The Yes Brain as well as two New York Times best-selling books, The Whole Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline. Besides being an expert in the field of science and relationships, Tina is also a parent of three boys, and uses her professional research and personal experience to understand what happens in the body and the nervous system during times of stress, overwhelm and failure. Her blend of research and personal stories highlight ways to bring ourselves and our children to a place of connection and empathy at a time in our society when we are struggling with alarming rates of anxiety and teen suicide. In this passionate conversation, Tina beautifully articulates how failure is an invitation to move into a new way of being.

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The Other F Word Podcast #67: Shalini Vadhera on the Journey of a Female Entrepreneur

Passionate about bringing products to the world to help people feel a sense of confidence through beauty, Shalini’s story is one of struggle, perseverance, success and failure. From being bullied as a child for her ethnicity to being sexually harassed in a male dominated business world, she looked toward female mentors to guide her but found none. This inspired Shalini to create a platform for women in the business world where she could pave the way for all women to feel empowered.

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The Other F Word Podcast #66: Cathy Heller on Pursuing Your Dream Career

Singer, songwriter and host of the podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job”, Cathy Heller, has mastered the ability to figure out what she wants to do, how to make it happen and – best of all – get paid for it.  Cathy’s relentless search for authenticity in her life combined with her incredible determination and perseverance, have led her to become an expert  on how to be successful at doing what you love most. In her interview, she explains how she was able to break down her own goals and ambitions and, through “reverse engineering”, figure out how to achieve those ambitions. She talks about how we are often our own worst enemies with self-doubt, negativity, fear and insecurity stopping us from achieving our goals. Her honesty and openness about her own personal challenges and insecurities make her advice truly touching and powerfully inspiring at the same time.

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The Other F Word Podcast #65: Dese’Rae L. Stage on Suicide

Dese’Rae is a photographer, writer, advocate and founder of, an on-line collection of portraits and stories of suicide attempt survivors.  At a time in society when suicide is on the rise, and yet, still very evocative and difficult to talk about and understand, Dese’Rae is working to take the shame and stigma out of the equation. Using photographs and personal narratives, Dese’Rae encourages people to openly explore society’s ultimate failure-surviving suicide, and the ongoing challenge to live and cope in a different way. Dese’Rae herself is a suicide attempt survivor, and shares her very personal story in hopes that it will open up a much needed dialogue about the subject of suicide, especially as it pertains to feeling like a failure.

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The Other F Word Podcast #64: Jean McCutcheon on Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Psychotherapist and life coach Jean McCutcheon joins us to talk about the pressure to make and keep New Year’s resolutions, and how the failure to do so can leave people feeling discouraged and overwhelmed for the year to come. Jean speaks about the importance of harnessing the growth from the past year and using that as a stepping stone going forward into the new year. She offers concrete ways to set realistic goals and what to do to carry them through, even when obstacles present themselves. Having insight and self compassion, staying flexible, connecting with others, and not getting stuck in the moment of failure are some of her thoughtful ways to navigate your way through the pressure to succeed. Jean reminds us that the failing to make and complete resolutions is just one part of being a complete human being.

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The Other F Word Podcast #63: Krista Parkinson on Failing to get Married

Successful Hollywood executive and one-time Mormon, Krista Parkinson talks about her struggle to find love. Krista grew up a strict Mormon but when she moved to Los Angeles and started working in the entertainment business, her two worlds came into conflict. The pressure from her religion to marry and have kids kept growing but Krista felt like an outsider in both worlds, finding that she didn’t quite fit into either. Her experience as “Other” has both been a source of sadness and isolation and yet has also let her to succeed in her current job helping other outsiders find work in Hollywood. Krista explains that as she has come to terms with who she is, she is clearer about what she wants in life. Don’t miss her honest, totally real and simultaneously funny story about the failure to find love.

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The Other F Word Podcast #62: Samuel West on The Museum of Failure

Bored and tired of the worship and glorification of success, Sam West founded the Museum of Failure in Sweden last summer, to take away the stigma of failure and instead see it as an integral part of progress. The Museum of Failure has come to Downtown Los Angeles where the Other F Word team met with Sam to tour the exhibit and explore the collection of over 130 failed products and services from all over the world.  From a rental sex doll to Trump University, from Swedish Fish flavored Oreos to The Betamax, failure is highlighted and celebrated. With wit, humor, and intelligence, Sam articulates his views on failure and its role in learning, combating the norm of manufactured perfection and allowing for more freedom for authenticity.

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The Other F Word Podcast #61: Fr. Greg Boyle on Healing Homies

Fr. Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang intervention rehab/re-entry program in the world, speaks about his work of rehabilitating and healing gang members. Through the 18 month intensive program, rival gang members and enemies are asked to work side by side in one of Homeboy Industry’s 9 social enterprises, such as their in-house cafe or bakery, where they learn that they are more similar than different. They also receive intensive therapy, 12 step support, tattoo removal, and the chance to transform their pain through work and relationships. Fr. Greg has created a therapeutic community where the focus on repairing attachment failures is primary. Upon completion of the program, the cycle of gang life has been broken, changing the course for the next generation. Fr. Greg lends his spiritual wisdom and belief in the possibility of healing a community rattled with hatred and distrust through the powerful idea of radical kinship. His second book has just been released -“Barking to the Choir-the Power of Radical Kinship”.

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