The Other F Word Podcast #61: Father Greg Boyle on Healing Homies

Father Greg Boyle, director and founder of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang intervention rehab/re-entry program in the world, speaks about his work of rehabilitating and healing gang members. Through the 18 month intensive program, rival gang members and enemies are asked to work side by side in one of Homeboy Industry’s 9 social enterprises, such as their in-house cafe or bakery, where they learn that they are more similar than different. They also receive intensive therapy, 12 step support, tattoo removal, and the chance to transform their pain through work and relationships. Father Greg has created a therapeutic community where the focus on repairing attachment failures is primary. Upon completion of the program, the cycle of gang life has been broken, changing the course for the next generation. Father Greg lends his spiritual wisdom and belief in the possibility of healing a community rattled with hatred and distrust through the powerful idea of radical kinship. His second book has just been released -“Barking to the Choir-the Power of Radical Kinship”.

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The Other F Word Podcast #60: Kathleen Trotter on Finding your Fit

Fitness expert, personal trainer and author of “Find your Fit” shares her wisdom about the many possibilities of failures that happen in the world of health and fitness. She explores the pressure for perfection and how this contributes to complete overwhelm and shutdown when it comes to physical wellbeing.

Kathleen takes a practical approach to finding ways to push through this discomfort in order to get centered, and come to a deeper understanding of your physical and emotional sense of self. She explores the idea of 3 C’s-Convenience, Consistency, Clarity…and how these ideas translate to regulating mood, managing life, and transcending failure.

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The Other F Word Podcast #59: David Raether on Becoming Homeless

Author and TEDTalk presenter David Raether, a former tv writer and father of 8, shares his rivetting story of becoming homeless. David had a thriving career as a comedy writer in tv, but took time off to care for his 8 children after his wife found herself struggling with depression. He stayed home for 2 years taking care of his family and when he tried to re-enter the world of comedy writing, he was unable to find work of any kind. After years of struggling, he spent his savings, foreclosed on his home, separated from his wife, and found himself homeless. He was able to secure housing for his children, but David secretly lived on the streets, alone, hiding the many failures he had endured. All the while, trying to find a way to care for his family while navigating his way out of homelessness. His narrative is filled with struggle, resilience, survival, awe and inspiration, both on a personal and familial level. David’s story is about a family persevering through a tremendous experience of failure, and coming to a true meaning of home.

The Other F Word Podcast #58: Dr. Kristin Neff on Self Compassion

Kristin Neff, Ph.D, professor, researcher, and author, best known for her TED talk and book titled Self-Compassion, talks about how self compassion is a necessary ingredient to enduring failure. Simply put, being a kind and unconditional friend to yourself is self-compassion, and yet, it’s something people struggle to do on a daily basis. Self criticism and judgment is where most people land when life fails set expectations. As a leading expert on self-compassion, Dr. Neff explores how suffering, failure, and imperfection are part of the shared human experience, and lending this generosity to oneself during failure, is an essential part of growth.

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The Other F Word Podcast #57: Torrey Drake on Bullying

Filmmaker and personal trainer Torrey Drake shares his painful past of being bullied as a child, starting in middle school and continuing on through high school.  Torrey describes the years of physical, emotional, and mental violence and aggression he experienced and the impact it had on his life, leading him to bully others as a way to cope. Torrey’s story is filled with failure, in terms of how the school system failed to protect him and how his friends failed to stand up for him, and yet, his ability to gain support from his parents and true friends, and learn ways to persevere and thrive, is a true inspiration.

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The Other F Word Podcast #56: Bette Alkazian on Marriage

Bette Alkazian, a Marriage and Family Therapist, shares her personal and professional insight into the world of marriage. Bette talks about the incredible pressure for marriage to work, and when it fails, the shame that is so often experienced.  Her wisdom and wit about the often heavy topic of marriage brings to light what often fails in a marriage-the ability to communicate, connect, repair, and take ownership of conflict. Bette offers practical and insightful ways to navigate the challenges of marriage, while also looking at the failures in this powerful relationship as a gift for learning.

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The Other F Word Podcast #54: Dr. Dan Siegel on the Brain, the Mind, and Adolescent Anxiety

Dr. Dan Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute. He has written numerous best selling books and lectured around the world on his work in the field of interpersonal neurobiology. Dan takes the complicated workings of the brain and mind and offers a deeper understanding of the interplay, especially in relation to mindfulness in parenting. His approach to wellbeing, including the integration of a healthy brain and mind, and empathic, connected relationships is explored, as well as the disfunction that occurs when this fails.
Dan’s research and expertise as a leading figure in the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry comes just at the right time, as the rise of childhood anxiety is at an alarmingly heightened pace, leading to a profound feeling of failure in so many relationships.

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The Other F Word Podcast #53: BJ Miller on Dying

Dr BJ Miller, hospice and palliative care specialist, shares his personal and professional insights into the world of dying. At age 19, BJ had a near death experience that left him with one arm amputated below the elbow and both legs amputated below the knee. In the throws of suffering and recovery, he learned about the humane side of healthcare and the need for deep care and connection during such a time of pain and uncertainty.  Seeing his recovery as transformational, as a gift, he became a doctor, with a  commitment to changing the way healthcare has failed people at the end of life. His story is remarkable and compelling, and his magnetism and compassion a powerful catalyst to help patients live life more fully, while dying.

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The Other F Word Podcast #52: Sammy Rangel on Forgiveness

As an author, social worker, peace activist, speaker, and trainer, Sammy Rangel joins us to share his profound story about forgiveness. His early life was filled with horrendous experiences of abuse and neglect, leading to violent years spent in and out of prison, with the most important people and systems failing to help him.  While his story is heart wrenching, his spirit is awe inspiring. He speaks honestly about the pivotal moments in his life that caused him to shift from destruction to connection, from hate towards empathy, and ultimately, towards forgiveness.