The Other F Word Podcast #56: Bette Alkazian on Marriage

Bette Alkazian, a Marriage and Family Therapist, shares her personal and professional insight into the world of marriage. Bette talks about the incredible pressure for marriage to work, and when it fails, the shame that is so often experienced.  Her wisdom and wit about the often heavy topic of marriage brings to light what often fails in a marriage-the ability to communicate, connect, repair, and take ownership of conflict. Bette offers practical and insightful ways to navigate the challenges of marriage, while also looking at the failures in this powerful relationship as a gift for learning.

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The Other F Word Podcast #54: Dr. Dan Siegel on the Brain, the Mind, and Adolescent Anxiety

Dr. Dan Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute. He has written numerous best selling books and lectured around the world on his work in the field of interpersonal neurobiology. Dan takes the complicated workings of the brain and mind and offers a deeper understanding of the interplay, especially in relation to mindfulness in parenting. His approach to wellbeing, including the integration of a healthy brain and mind, and empathic, connected relationships is explored, as well as the disfunction that occurs when this fails.
Dan’s research and expertise as a leading figure in the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry comes just at the right time, as the rise of childhood anxiety is at an alarmingly heightened pace, leading to a profound feeling of failure in so many relationships.

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The Other F Word Podcast #53: BJ Miller on Dying

Dr BJ Miller, hospice and palliative care specialist, shares his personal and professional insights into the world of dying. At age 19, BJ had a near death experience that left him with one arm amputated below the elbow and both legs amputated below the knee. In the throws of suffering and recovery, he learned about the humane side of healthcare and the need for deep care and connection during such a time of pain and uncertainty.  Seeing his recovery as transformational, as a gift, he became a doctor, with a  commitment to changing the way healthcare has failed people at the end of life. His story is remarkable and compelling, and his magnetism and compassion a powerful catalyst to help patients live life more fully, while dying.

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The Other F Word Podcast #52: Sammy Rangel on Forgiveness

As an author, social worker, peace activist, speaker, and trainer, Sammy Rangel joins us to share his profound story about forgiveness. His early life was filled with horrendous experiences of abuse and neglect, leading to violent years spent in and out of prison, with the most important people and systems failing to help him.  While his story is heart wrenching, his spirit is awe inspiring. He speaks honestly about the pivotal moments in his life that caused him to shift from destruction to connection, from hate towards empathy, and ultimately, towards forgiveness.

The Other F Word Podcast #51: Anthony Benenati on Sitting in Failure

L.A. based Yoga teacher and entrepreneur, Anthony Benenati, talks candidly about his journey from success to failure, where he currently sits, in a period of questioning and uncertainty, after selling his successful yoga studio to a larger corporation. Anthony speaks about the challenge to rebuild his career, at a time in mid-life when he finds it hard to harness the entrepreneurial spirit he once knew in his younger self. Anthony shares the parallels in yoga and in life, of learning to create calm within chaos, and knowing not to push when the moment calls for stillness. His insight and wisdom is an authentic reminder of what it’s like to sit in failure and trust that he will move through it when ready.

The Other F Word Podcast #50: Barbara Rose Brooker on Ageism

At 80 years old, author, performer, age activist Barbara Rose Brooker explores the topic of age discrimination in her book “The Viagra Diaries”, soon to be a tv show, Huffington post column titled Boomer in the City, her blog, and one women shows. She’s the founder of the first ever march on age equality, and speaks passionately about her experiences of age discrimination and how aging is considered a failure in our culture. Her enthusiasm and passion have inspired others to look at aging in new ways and instead of fear growing old,  to embrace it.

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The Other F Word Podcast #49: Summer Sanders on Failing Her Way to Gold

Champion swimmer and 1992 Olympic gold medalist, Summer Sanders shares her journey on how she learned to reap the rewards of failure and become a champion. As early as 15 years old, Summer experienced pivotal moments of failure, including losing a race in 1988 that would have taken her to the Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. This loss inspired Summer to a new level in her training, fueling the fire to take herself seriously, value working hard, and understand the need to “practice being great” and no longer fear that greatness within her.  Her story is inspiring and her message is clear – fail early and young and see the process of failing not as something to fear, but as a true opportunity to learn and grow.

The Other F Word Podcast #48: Bryan Behar on Failing Imperfectly

Comedy writer on the sitcom Fuller House and blogger for the Huffington Post, Bryan Behar brings humor and insight to his many experiences of failure. From childhood to adulthood, personally and professionally, Bryan shares his stories of struggling socially as a child,  losing jobs, coping with anxiety and depression, navigating family dysfunction, and how hidden secrets of failure and shame led to an unexpected suicide. His touching, honest, and often hilarious telling of stories helps uncover society’s myths on the pressure to fail perfectly and the understanding that failure is filled with messy imperfection.

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The Other F Word Podcast #47: Amy Ferris on the Mess of Midlife

Editor, screenwriter, and the author of the book Marrying George Clooney: Confessions from a Midlife Crisis, Amy Ferris talks candidly and with humor, about the struggle of midlife and menopause and the need to connect with others to get through the darkest of times. Amy shares how her many mistakes in life, as messy and painful as they have been, have led her to learn to love, most importantly herself. Her wisdom and insight is profound and inspiring, as she speaks about failure as a necessary part of the journey towards self esteem and love.

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