The Other F Word Podcast #33: Stefanie Wilder-Taylor on Alcoholism and Motherhood

Author of 5 books including Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay, mom, comedian, podcast co-host – For Crying Out Loud and Rose Pricks, shares her funny and poignant story about how the stress of new motherhood drove her to drink more and more each day and how she discovered, in a hungover state, that she had hit rock bottom and was actually an alcoholic. Stefanie strips away the layers of shame and shares her journey to sobriety.

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The Other F Word Podcast #32: Brad Falchuk on Celebrating Failure

Co-creator, director and executive producer of Emmy nominated TV shows including Glee, American Horror Story and Scream Queens, talks openly about growing up with an undiagnosed learning disorder that left him feeling like a failure, and how he learned to persevere, which gave him the skills to navigate other challenges, including parenting, relationships, and creating tv shows with honest and urgent writing. Brad comes to us with authenticity and depth, sharing how failure is something he has come to value and even celebrate on the path to growth and success.

The Other F Word Podcast #29: Billy Baker on Loneliness

Boston Globe reporter speaks about one of the most prevalent health issues for men in midlife…isolation. His article went viral and sparked interest across the world, waking men up to the sad fact that failing to maintain regular and meaningful  friendships can have a life threatening effect on health.

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The Other F Word Podcast #28: Chris Rose on the wonderful world of sports

Chris Rose, host for the MLB and NFL networks, shares his journey through the world of sports and the value failure has played on his road to success.

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The Other F Word Podcast #25: Dan Konopka on taking risks creatively

OK Go drummer Dan Konopka talks about his 18 years with the band known for their cutting edge music videos and how taking risks creatively and risking failure moved them to new levels of success. – “Here It Goes Again” video – “Upside Down & Inside Out” video – Facebook page