The Other F Word: Conversations about Failure Podcast

Stories of success are everywhere, hoping to inspire us. But they so often leave us feeling inadequate. In contrast, failure is commonplace. We fail at diets, marriages, jobs, parenting, and so much more. Yet from failure can come growth, insight, happiness and success, since it is through risk-taking and trial and error that we are able to innovate and grow.

Despite this, we rarely talk about failure since it has become synonymous with defeat. We seldom hear about the disappointments, and challenges people face on the road to success.

The Other F Word is on a mission to shift our culture’s one-sided conversation to include failure. In weekly discussions, we talk to all walks of people who are unafraid to share their stories of struggle and vulnerability. Our goal is to create a change in our cultural by carving out a space for honest dialog that doesn’t just address failure, but normalizes it.


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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
61 Father Greg Boyle on Healing Homies 12/13/2017
60 Kathleen Trotter on Finding your Fit 12/05/2017
59 David Raether on Becoming Homeless 11/28/2017
58 Dr. Kristin Neff on Self Compassion 11/21/2017
57 Torrey Drake on Bullying 11/14/2017
56 Bette Alkazian on Marriage 11/07/2017
55 Tom Papa on Finding the Comedy in Failure 11/01/2017
54 Dr. Dan Siegel on the Brain, the Mind, and Adolescent Anxiety 10/24/2017
53 BJ Miller on Dying 10/17/2017
52 Sammy Rangel on Forgiveness 10/10/2017
51 Anthony Benenati on Sitting in Failure 10/03/2017
50 Barbara Rose Brooker on Ageism 09/26/2017
49 Summer Sanders on Failing Her Way to Gold 09/22/2017
48 Bryan Behar on Failing Imperfectly 09/14/2017
47 Amy Ferris on the Mess of Midlife 09/06/2017
46 So Far So Good 08/29/2017
45 Martin George on Fitness Failures 08/22/2017
44 Epic Parenting Fails 08/15/2017
43 Nguyen Tran on Failing Upwards 08/09/2017
42 Robin Finn on the Pressure for Perfection in Parenting 08/01/2017
41 Sam Lamott on the Truth of Being Human 07/26/2017
40 Krista O’Reilly Davi-Digui on Mediocrity 07/19/2017
39 Melissa Gould on failing at being a Widow 07/12/2017
38 Eliza Rubin on Understanding Adolescents 07/06/2017
37 Lidia Yuknavitch on being a Misfit 06/27/2017
36 Chenjerai Kumanyika on career transitions 06/20/2017
35 Drs Howie Reinstein and Tom Brauner on Too Much Technology 06/13/2017
34 Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair on Impulsiveness 06/06/2017
33 Stefanie Wilder-Taylor on Alcoholism and Motherhood 05/30/2017
32 Brad Falchuk on Celebrating Failure 05/24/2017
31 John Brenkus on reframing failure 05/16/2017
30 Anne Litt on Insecurity 05/10/2017
29 Billy Baker on Loneliness 05/02/2017
28 Chris Rose on the wonderful world of sports 04/25/2017
27 Theo Burns & Suzy Unger on sexual identity 04/18/2017
26 Lisa Joyner on Adoption and Belonging 04/12/2017
25 Dan Konopka on taking risks creatively 04/04/2017
24 Christopher Noxon on reframing failure 03/28/2017
23 Deven Green on staying positive 03/21/2017
22 Nine Johnson on overcoming fear and anxiety 03/14/2017
21 Jessica Lahey on The Gift of Failure in childhood 03/07/2017
20 Too Faced Cosmetics on climbing their way up from the bottom 02/28/2017
19 Scott Silverman on coming out of the closet 02/22/2017
18 Tom Kenny on trusting your gut 02/14/2017
17 Jeff Guckert on education 02/08/2017
16 JD Roth on Transformation 01/31/2017
15 Carin Goldstein on parenting 01/24/2017
14 Allen Keller on perseverance 01/17/2017
13 Sharon Stone on overcoming adversities 01/11/2017
12 Dr. Nina on Why Diets Fail 01/10/2017
11 Mark Brown on Depression 01/10/2017
10 Beth Littleford on life after divorce 01/10/2017
9 Greg Grunberg on being inspired by Failure 01/10/2017
8 Elizabeth Craft on Fear 01/10/2017
7 Jon Cryer(part 2) on Learning from Failure 01/10/2017
6 Suzanne Rico on resilience 01/10/2017
5 Laurie Cousins on mindfulness 01/10/2017
4 Jon Cryer(part 1) on Learning from Failure 01/10/2017
3 Jenn & Eddie Gonzalez on infertility 01/10/2017
2 Tony Hale on Success 01/10/2017
1 Introduction to Failure 01/10/2017